Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Words and Stories

The Care in Mind creative writing group I facilitate meets each Tuesday morning in Canning Town. There are up to six regular members and this week we welcomed two new members.
We've agreed a format which includes some light stretching and relaxation exercise at the beginning, about 10 minutes of journal writing, and sharing words we like or are feeling by writing them in coloured pens on the board throughout the session. 
I choose a different theme each week and yesterday it was Stories - remembering the stories we know, changing story endings and creating our own stories.
Stories we know

Words we like
Each week is full of stories as life is made up of the stories we tell ourselves and each other, and the subjects we've written about include neighbourhoods, animals, favourite places, seasons, names, gardens, people and shoes.
The group also enjoy reading and writing from poems. TS Elliot, Grace Nichols, Langston Hughes, John Hegley, Raymond Carver, Mary Oliver, Wordsworth, John Agard and Norman MacCaig are among the poets who have joined us over the weeks. (See links to specific poems below)
I really enjoy working with this group. Thanks to Care in Mind for asking me!  
Mr Mistoffelees by TS Elliot, Sea Timeless by Grace Nicholls, Judith by John Hegley, Happiness by Raymond Carver, Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth, Adlestrop by Edward Thomas.