Writing with New Mums

‘Amazing! All mothers should have the opportunity to hear these wonderfully honest, funny and moving voices. Thank you.’ Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavillion. 

Writing workshops for new Mums and their babies were developed in collaboration with Mothers Uncovered. Writing by participants was performed by four actors at the Tarner Children’s Centre and Jubilee Library Brighton.


“Workshops were wonderful – fantastic not to feel so alone in this.”

 “Thank you for the opportunity to meet other mothers and hear their stories. It has really helped me to integrate this new, difficult and wonderful experience.”

“An interesting and moving experience. Making the time to actually write my experiences down has been invaluable.”

“Giving mothers an outlet to share and document their experiences is fulfilling, fun and very important.”

“Realised I had lots of emotion and feelings that I don’t have time to process. A supportive environment to let it all out.”

“I think it will be a catalyst for my creative life again.”

“It has enabled me to respect the work I do as a mother through sharing with others.”

“Very supportive atmosphere.”

“I gained a lot in hearing how shared our experience is.”

“It was fantastic to collaborate with Wordwell Workshops for Mothers Uncovered. The sessions were perfectly geared to the participants’ needs and they all got a lot out of it. One participant wrote: ‘Absolutely essential for me as a mum, just felt so vital to take stock of my experiences and understand what other mothers are going through. Workshops were wonderful – fantastic not to feel so alone in this.’"
Maggie Gordon Walker, Mothers Uncovered