Monday, 12 August 2013

"A Big Improvement" - feedback from Sir John Lillie School

year 2 teacher feedback SJL

This is the Year 2 teacher feedback after the recent Write To Be Me course at Sir John Lillie primary school. Children’s names have been substituted with their initial.

“Y has improved in the quantity of what she writes. She enjoys writing and really enjoyed the sessions. She has begun using a wider range of vocabulary.”

“F is showing a big improvement in confidence and output.”

“A big improvement in E’s punctuation. He has benefitted greatly.”

“B now writes much more.”

“K’s listening is improving and his output when writing. His confidence in writing is increasing with more independent working too.”

“M has more confidence in writing, with an increase in output. Better overall and more interesting.”

“O’s output has increased. Writing is more interesting with complex sentences.”

“L’s confidence has increased also output. Use of puncuation is improving. Her talking contribution is also increasing in groups and whole class.”