Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Sussex Poets competition 2

I was thrilled to receive 2nd prize for my poem Teatime at The Clarkes, in the Sussex Poets Competition, judged by Clare Best and hosted by Brighton and Hove Arts Council recently.

Afterwards in the pizza place with some bubbly
The Awards evening in September was a really enjoyable event with readings by eleven shortlisted poets culminating in a rather exciting reverse order announcement of the prize winners.

Congratulations to Nichola May who got first prize with her poem Bubbles. You can read all the poems here

Teatime at the Clarkes

When Mr Clarke
calls my sister fat,

time ticks slowly
on the big clock.

The sun throws shadows
round the sundial.

Red Admirals freeze 
with their wings shut tight,

flying ants crawl into cracks
and cacti prickle.

Mrs Clarke pours scalding tea
and teacups in their saucers wobble,

and no one
has an appetite for cake. 

by Christine Hollywood