Friday, 11 August 2017

The Arts Are Good for Your Health

Each week during the Summer I'll be taking a topical news item as writing inspiration.

Week 2 
Inspiration: Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing

This Report was published in July and sets out research, evidence gathering and discussions with health care professionals, patients, artists, MPs and policy makers. It was produced by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing following two years of inquiry.

I've attended several APPG meetings over the last couple of years and noticed a commitment from everyone there including cross party MPs to the concept of the arts as beneficial for health and wellbeing. It just seemed like they were looking for more evidence. 

This report is it.  It says: "The evidence we present shows how arts-based aproaches can help people to stay well, recover faster, manage long term conditions and experience a better quality of life. We also show how arts interventions can save money and help staff in their work." 

The Report recommends the National Institiute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) includes the use of the arts in healthcare in its guidance where evidence justifies it.   

It also hopes that: 
  • New collaborations will be formed across conventional boundaries.
  • The thinking and practice of people working in health and social care will be influenced. 
  • A new culture will grow that supports the government in the process of change towards the creation of a society which is both healthy and "health creating."  

It calls for "all those who believe in the value of the arts for health and wellbeing to speak up. We will work with all who believe, as we do, that the arts offer an essential opportunity for the improvement of health and wellbeing."  

That's a rallying cry to all arts and health and wellbeing practitioners for sure

To contact the APPG email Alexandra Coutler on: