Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Reasons To Be Cheerful

It's February. We've already had three months of the light fading early. Some days the weather's cold and crisp, on others stormy and wet. At this time of year it can be challenging to be cheerful.  

Our writing exercise Reasons To Be Cheerful is inspired by the lyrics of Ian Drury and The Blockhead's song Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3.

It also fits with the gratitude practice which is gaining in popularity and impact. This suggests writing three things you're grateful for each night before sleep. (Link below)

Reasons To Be Cheerful: Part 1

Write down as many reasons to be cheerful you can think of. Let your pen flow, be specific. Here are some:

  •     an open fire
  •     crocuses - purple and orange
  •     the big blue moon last week
  •     pets - a small tortoise shell cat,  a black rescue cat, two Newfoundland dogs
  •     turmeric tea   

Part 2 
Pick one and write about it for 10 - 15 mins. Write why it makes you cheerful, describe it in as much detail as you can using all your senses. Get in touch with the feelings it inspires as you write. Write about the feeling.  

Part 3
Share your reasons to be cheerful with some one else.

Here are Ian Drury's Reasons To Be Cheerful

And a link to: The Science Behind Gratitude 

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